Once you have decided for Auspools & Spas to build your dream pool, we shall complete all the paperwork, plans, Council and other formal applications, and then submit them to the proper authorities. 

Contract & Deposit  

You've signed the Contract and paid the Deposit (the 1st Progress Payment).

We will need a copy of your house plans which you can get from the shire for a small fee. These plans will be needed for engineering design and submission to the council for approvals.


Design & Approvals

Water Corporation building approval submitted before engineering specifications get drawn up.

Once we have Water Corporation approval we can start the engineering specifications and design. Standard engineering is included and any extra engineering required due to Water Corp requirements or structural requirements for building close to boundary or house (chemical grout stabilisation might be required) will be an additional cost. 

These drawings will be submitted to council for approval. Once we have council approval we can start the construction.



Pool has been approved and is ready for construction.

We will mark out the pool and set the levels and start the excavation. 

Once the excavation is completed our formwork and steel crews will be ready to start. The pool formwork will be installed to the shape and size including steps and benches which forms the base for the steel reinforcement. The steel is the skeleton and reinforcement for the pool. Our crew will bend and form the steel to produce walls, your spa, benches and ledges.

Pre Plumbing

This happens at the steel stage BEFORE concrete. At this time we install the Skimmer, pool returns (usually 2), Pressure Cleaner provision and Solar provisions (both suction and return). Light housings are also installed during this stage. Any infloor cleaning systems need to be installed PRIOR to steel being placed in pool.



This is the day when you will really be able to see the shell size and shape of your pool. When our Shotcrete crew arrives, and it is an early wake up call, to get all of their prep work completed before the very large concrete truck shows up to begin unloading the concrete mix into our shotcrete pump. Depending on the size of your project it will take several of these trucks and most of the day to complete the process. However, by the end of the day your pool has appeared. Steps and benches are now in place and the pool begins to look more and more like the plan. In short, the hole is now a structure ready for the beauty stages to begin. The concrete needs to cure for 21 days


The plumbing in a Auspools & Spas project is designed to insure proper circulation and pump efficiency. This usually happens after the concrete shell is complete.

All that happens here is the pipes are picked up from the pool shell and extended back to the filter location. They are then stood up in their correct location to allow for installation of equipment. During this stage would be a good time for you to arrange electrical points and or gas supply.

Pool Safety fence

While concrete is curing this is a time to erect your fence ready for an inspection prior to filling the pool. Not having a certified fence can delay further works to the pool.

The pool fence will need to installed and approved before we can install the interior plaster, so this is a good time to arrange the installation.


Once your new concrete shell has cure for 7 days then we can complete the backfill and compaction.



Coping and tiles

The tile and coping you have chosen will be installed at this stage. This is the time your structure will begin looking like the finished product you envisioned at the very beginning. Once all this is completed the pool is ready to be prepped and cleaned for the interior.


Delivery of interior plaster and pool equipment 



Equipment installation

We install the external plumbing of the pool and fit the pump, filter, light, chlorinator and any accessories.

Once the equipment is delivered to your site, the equipment is your responsibility so please note this with your insurance company.

At this stage the pool is prepped and cleaned and ready for pool interior.



At this stage the pool fence must be completed and approved because once the interior is completed, we start filling the pool next day. On the day of the interior installation our crew will start early in the morning with mixing and plastering your chosen interior colour.




Final payment due on handover 

Once your new swimming pool is filed with water our supervisor will vacuum the pool and add the needed chemicals, start up the equipment and give the client a run through your equipment & how to use and general pool care.



Finished Project


Eight to twelve weeks of the swimming pool construction process is over. Communication is a big part of our business plan and makes for happy clients. Our construction supervisor is always available to guide you if requested.



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Contact: 0404472236

Perth WA