Why Choose a Concrete Pool?

Flexible: Concrete pools offer more flexibility when choosing a swimming pool as they are built to suit your unique location. Any shape, size or depth and can be designed to meet your specific requirements. Contrary to common belief, concrete swimming pools can be built both in-ground and out-of-ground. Individuality: Because they are so flexible, concrete swimming pools allow you to choose to add special features such as islands, steps & ledges, wet edges, beaches, bays and more. Finishing: When it comes to choosing interior finishes, concrete swimming pools are far more versatile, offering a wide range of finishings such as as tiles, pebbles, quartz, coloured render and more

What are popular sizes and where might it go on my block?

The average pool size has reduced over the past 10 years along with the size of the average Perth backyard. Consideration of uses for the total outdoor space, as well as budget, will determine how much of your yard can be occupied by the pool. Other factors that may influence your sizing choice may be; position of water or sewer mains, shading from major trees or the dwelling, access to other parts of the block (eg garage at back), topography of the land. Average plunge pool are typically 5×3 metres, 6×4 metres to 7×3 metres Average family pool size are 7×3 metres, 8×4 metres or 9×4 metres Typical lap pools sizes can be 9×2.5 metres, 10×3 metres to 15×3 metres

I don't have much space can I still have a pool?

We are often sought out by homeowners telling us there is limited space for a pool on their land but they are concerned they don’t have access or perhaps the room to carry out construction. A concrete pool can be designed and constructed to fit any space or terrain. There are construction methods to get into any type of access and we will asses every job individually and create a solution. Tight access and difficult locations do add to standard costs of construction so we will always endevour to come up with an efficient and cost effective plan.

Should I choose a salt water pool?

Chlorine has been used to keep residential and commercial swimming pools around Perth safe to swim in for many decades. Salt Water Chlorinators are by far the best way to safely and cost effectively dose your pool with small amounts of chorine via a process known as electrolysis. We only use the best products on the market and recommend Hayward or Waterco. Salt Water Chlorinators ensure that your pool is kept clean and safe to swim all year around with very little maintenance required. Almost 100% of pools that we build utilize salt water chlorination due to how effective and low maintenance these units are.

What are waterline tiles?

Waterline tiles are set directly under the coping and help with the appearance of your pool as well as the colour of the reflection on the water. The main reason tiles are great for your new pool is they are easier to clean and avoid the bath-ring effect should you ever let the water quality degrade dramatically. We recommend up to a 300mm waterline tile band to give the appearance the tiles are well under the water line.

What is coping?

Coping is the flat walking surface surrounding your pool. Natural stone is an excellent product choice as they have a better life span and are not as susceptible to movement as man-made products can be. Sandstone and Travertine are very popular and come in a huge range of colours and styles. Sandstone used around a salt water pool should be treated with a sealer to prevent the salt from damaging the surface.

How long does the pool take to build?

You should allow 3 to 6 months for the entire consultation, design, construction and finishing process. This will vary moderately depending on your approval type, weather, complexity of construction, as well as the landscaping and the finishes you select.

How much does a average concrete pool cost?

In fairly answering the hot question ‘how much does a pool cost?’, we first have to say that a pool will vary in price greatly depending on the size, complexity of construction and amount of features and finishes selected.

What stages of construction are there?

There are three main stages you will go through before your pool is ready for swimming: Pre-construction (site & needs assessment, design, proposal, engineering) Council approval Pool construction and finishing (incl. fencing and landscaping)



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